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Brothers Have a Secret 4
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Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. Any similarity between my characters and real people, places, or events is merely a coincidence. This story contains descriptions of imagined sexual activity between teenage boys. If you are not 18 years old or if it is illegal where you live to read material of this kind, please stop here. If this story might offend you please go to another site. Please do not copy, distribute or reproduce this material for anyone xxx movies preteens
or any site, without the author's explicit permission. Tell me what you think. suomynona1224yahoo.com
"Brothers have a secret" -- Part 4
"Alright, you won Matt, now what do you want me to do?"
"How about you start by licking me. Start at my nipples." Harry was unsure of the requested task, but wanted to do whatever his older brother said and consented. Matt laid down on the bed, reclining back on the pillows. He placed his hands behind his head and let out a little gasp as Harry's tongue touched his chest.
Harry immediately stopped, thinking something had happened and asked "What's wrong?"
"Nothing, nothing" responded Matt as he reached down and repositioned his penis. "It was just a bit of an initial shock, but it feels good, keep going."
Harry listened and continued to lick his hot brother's chest and nipples, eventually making his way down towards his pubic region. As his tongue glided over each lump of Matt's amazing 6-pack, he gagged a little with excitement. "Hey, save some of that saliva for the real deal" was Matt's order. As Harry got closer to the now fully-erect cock, his tongue traveled over his brother's "happy trail" and it felt a little gross to him. He stopped where he was, and moved down to Matt's inner thighs.
It felt so good to Matt that his penis began to twitch a little. "Alright, alright bro. Why don't you suck my big cock now."
Harry couldn't resist the offer. He loved having his brother's cock in his mouth, and it savored ever moment of it. Matt was in ecstasy. He'd had other girls give him blow jobs before, and even another guy once, but none of them compared to the great BJ that his little brother gave.
Harry's tongue was sliding all over the head of Matt's penis and Matt grabbed the bed sheets. It felt SO good to have his horny little brother all over his member. Subconsciously, Matt placed his left hand on the back of Harry's head and pushed it all the way down his shaft. Harry gagged a little as the thick penis was shoved down his throat. He coughed and pulled away.
"What are you doing?"
"Oh my bad. Sorry Harry, I don't know what happened, it just feels so good when you suck my dick like that."
"I'll keep going, just don't push me like that again. If you want me to try and get it all in my mouth just ask me."
"Alright little bro, alright." Harry leaned forward but before his lips closed around Matt's penis again Matt suggested to try something else. "Hey, you know how we agreed that the loser would do anything that I wanted?"
Harry blushed and started to get apprehensive. "Wha-- what did you have in mind?"
"Here, let me show you." Matt got up and crawled around the bed so he was behind Harry, and pushed his brother down onto his stomach. He started to caress Harry's bubble-butt before sticking his penis in between his little brother's thighs. He was thrusting in and out slowly, and Harry didn't say a word. He pulled back, and then jumped off the bed.
"What are you doing?" demanded Harry.
"Just getting something, you'll see." Matt reached into his suitcase and pulled out a bottle of KY lubricant. He poured some into his hand and the hid it back in-between some clothes. By the time he had gotten back onto the bed Harry sweet preteen upskirt
had rolled over and began to lose his erection slightly. "Turn back over" Matt demanded.
Harry was just lying there, preteen slaves thinking nothing much of the situation. Suddenly, he felt a slimy hand reach down into his ass-crack and flinched. He was afraid to say anything; he was already in a disadvantageous situation and wanted to make his brother feel good, but didn't know where to draw a line. He felt his brother's hand sliding back and forth in his crack and not before long, his brother's fingers started to press against his hole.
Getting scared, he asked, "What are you doing Matt?"
"I want to play with your butt a bit. I want to try and get my dick blog preteens model
in it."
Harry was shocked. Did his brother really just shy pre teen say that he was going to penetrate his ass with his dick? Harry knew what anal sex was, but never expected to experience rusian preteen nude it. He was nervous, but let his brother continue.
After Matt had successfully pushed three of his fingers into his brother's hole at once, he felt that he was ready. "You ready bro?" Harry could only nod, his mouth was dry and his whole body tensed up. "You're going to have banned preteen storys to relax Harry, and if it hurts too much just let me know and I'll stop.
That was the great thing about Harry and Matt. They both wanted to have sexual fun, but they also respected each other and wouldn't want to do anything bad to one another.
Matt guided his penis to Harry's man-pussy, and slowly began to push. preteen collection It was such a bizarre feeling, and Harry's body naturally started to push back against it and close his ass hole tighter. "Come on Harry," Matt encouraged, "make pretend you're taking a dump."
It felt so wrong, having something push into his butt. But Harry tried harder and harder to relax the area and soon enough the head of Matt's penis was inside his little brother. "Wow you're so tight" he exclaimed, but proceeded to push in farther.
After a little while, Harry began to get used to the feeling, although it hurt him a lot. His face was contorted and pain and he couldn't make any sound (although he did not want to object). His anus was contracting shy pre teen
involuntarily, but that just enhanced the feeling for Matt. Slowly but surely Matt eventually had his whole cock impaled into his little brother. It was such a new experience for both of them, and it felt great to be connected. Matt started to rock back and forth, having sex with his little brother.
It wasn't long before preteen models ukrainian Matt came, his brother's warm tight hole was too much for him to overcome and preteen incest at he shot a load into his little brother's ass. The sensation also caused Harry to shoot off, and cum covered his chest. "Ouh, Ahhhh" the brothers grunted and moaned as they orgasmed together.
It was so hot.
Matt slowly pulled out, and cum dribbled out of Harry's ass. "That felt so good Harry, thanks so preteen incest at
"Yeah, it wasn't so bad for me either, although my ass feels so weird now!" It was such a weird feeling, and now Harry felt empty.
"Come on, lets clean off."
They both got into the shower together and cleaned each other off. Matt made sure that all of the cum had drained from Harry's anus so that it wouldn't continue to spill out and make a mess in his pants later on. They embraced and stood under the running hot water for a minute.
"Alright Matt, it's almost time to start getting ready to go out, lets get going."
Thirty-five minutes later the whole family was in the mini-van again on their preteen model kds
way to the steakhouse. Matt and Harry didn't speak, but for a split second they caught each other's eyes and smiled awkwardly at each other. No one would ever know about the incest, or as they liked to think about it, the great "sexscapades" that they shared.

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